SIRE: CH. Terytam Taskmaster, ROM
DAM: CH. Rowell's Dhandy Gypsy Rose, ROM
Bred by Rowell Pugs
Owned by Jan & Joe Ravotti

CH. Rowell's Bad Bad Leroy Brown
8-26-79 to 7-15-85
SIRE: CH. Ivanwold Pistol Pete Of Rontu, ROM
DAM: CH. Rowell's Dhandy Gypsy Rose, ROM

SHERLOCK was our FIRST Homebred Champion!
SHOW RECORD Specials Record
11-07-80 Charleston KC
j John Cook...1 pt

11-09-80 Augusta KC
j Merrill Cohen...2 pts

11-15-80 Gtr Ocala DF
j Maxine Beam...4 Pts

5-10-81 Gtr Naples KC
J James Trullinger...2 pts

9-05-81 Furniture City KC
j Michelle Billings...2 Pts

9-06-81 Salisbury KC
j Kurt Mueller...2 Pts

9-07-81 Raleigh KC
j Howard Morris...3 Pts....CHAMPION
CH Rowell's Touch Of Tiffany, ROM
10-10-80 to 7-11-95 Tiffany
May 23, 1981 Butler Cty KC
j Suzanne Rowe...1 pt

May 24, 1981 Trunbull Cty KC
j Dawn Vick Hansen...1 pt

May 25, 1981 New Castle KC
j Alvin Maurer...1 pt

Aug 2, 1981 Mahoning-Shenango KC
j Mrs IK Schlintz...1 pt

Aug 22, 1981 Ravenna KC
j Gus Wolf...2 pts

Nov 7, 1981 South Hills KC
j Ed Dixon...1 pt

Nov 8, 1981 Beaver Cty
j Leota Vandeventer...1 pt

Jan 13, 1982 Sara Bay KC
j Dr We Field...2 pts

Jan 30, 1982 Crawford Cty KC
j RW Hensel...2 pts

Jan 31, 1982 Marion Ohio KC
j Mrs L Heichel...2 pts

July 29, 1982 Greenville KC
j Anna Wanner...2 pts

Aug 7, 1982 Beaver Cty
j ?...2 pts

Aug 28, 1982 Ravenna KC
j Ruth Wormser...4 pts

Aug 29, 1982 Western Reserve
j Shirley Thomas....3 pts....CHAMPION
TIFFANY was the WINNER of the MARY S. PICKHARDT MEMORIAL AWARD given by the Pug Dog Club Of America for the period: 1-1-82 thru 12-31-86 given to the American-Bred Dam of the greatest number of CHAMPIONS OF RECORD for the above period.

( Two Litters )

1. CH. Cameo's Velvet Touch
2. CH. Cameo's Ivanwold Trixie Larue
3. CH. Cameo's Golden Touch
4. CH. Cameo's Super Stuff
5. CH. Cameo's Goldilocks
6. CH. Cameo's Gold Dust
7. CH. Cameo's Courageous Custer
8. CH. Cameo's Don't Tell Charlie
9. CH. Cameo's Charisma Of Jac
10.CH. Cameo's Bubba Smith


11. CH. Cameo's Minya